Image Sequence: 2012-03-04 17:18:54 - 17:26:45

This sequence was georeferenced from RAW camera files.

The camera lens used for this sequence is AF Nikkor 28mm f/1.4D and its distortion was corrected.

The camera timestamps of this sequence were corrected using the earth horizon by -25.0 seconds.

As the camera has not been moved, a polynomial fit was applied to the astrometric solutions of this sequence. This evens out the slight inaccuracies of the astrometry caused by tiny star trails in the images.

All preview images and movies were mapped using an altitude of 110km. For the creation of the preview images and movies the RAW camera files were processed with the following settings: "daylight" white balance correction, BT.709 gamma correction, per-image brightness adjustment (such that 1% of all pixels are fully saturated), AHD interpolation.

Data Download

Please install the AUROMAT software first.

Then, run the following commands in your shell:

$ auromat-download esa-iss --id 77 --dir /data/iss
$ auromat-convert --data /data/iss/seq-77 --format cdf --altitude 110

Be sure to replace /data/iss with an appropriate download location. Run auromat-convert --help to view all available options for conversion of the RAW data (coordinate systems, resampling, format etc.).

You can find more detailed instructions in the AUROMAT User Guide.

Movie: Original Frames

Note that this movie may show more frames than the following images and movies. This is because certain frames may have been excluded from georeferencing.

Overview image: geographic coordinates, stereographic projection

This overview image was created by drawing a small slice from each frame of the sequence. It can be roughly compared to the scanlines of an earth observation satellite. Be careful when interpreting this image as it contains mapped pixels from different times and positions of the aurora. However, for quiet and stable auroras it provides a suitable overview.

Overview image: MLat/MLT coordinates, stereographic projection

See remarks from above overview image.

Movie: geographic coordinates, stereographic projection

Movie: MLat/MLT coordinates, stereographic projection

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Individual Frame Plots

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